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Cast Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization looking to provide kids with the gift of the outdoors. As an organization it is our desire to bring kids and mentors together outside through the sport of fly fishing. In this day and era it seems that our lives are constantly bombarded with screens, whether tvs, computers, ipads, ipods, and gaming systems. Here at Cast Hope we want to break that pattern by immersing people into the environment. Through guided fly fishing trips, fishing clinics, fly tying events, camp outs, road trips, and conservation outings we are trying to create a healthy hobby that kids and mentors can do together. We believe if you provide a positive experience for kids where they grow deeper in their relationship with the mentor, learn how to effecitvely fly fish, receive free necessary equipment, find out that the outdoors has much more to offer than their latest gadget, and learn about how to conserve and sustain our natural resources, then they will naturally want to become outdoor enthusiasts. As an organization it is important for us to provide an environment where kids can become stewards of the outdoors and fly fishing.


Through a collection of generous, caring, and exceptional fly fishing guides and volunteers we are able to give free outdoor experiences to the kids of California and Western Nevada. For Cast Hope guides, guiding is a passion lived out every day. They love connecting with people and sharing their knowledge of fly fishing and the outdoors. Our desire is to empower these kids to make fly fishing a sport they can do on their own while conserving and sustaining our natural resources. We partner with other non-profit youth organizations to help underserved kids and their existing mentors. Some of our current partners are Boys & Girls Club, Wilderness Experience, Youth 4 Change, Environmental Alternative, and Big Brothers and Sisters. 

When you love interacting in the outdoors, the best response is to give it away, to make it grow, and to protect it. So our desire is to Share the Adventure-- to give kids something to look forward to, something to enjoy, something to look back on, something to care for, and something that will positively impact their lives.


Cast Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization positively impacting kids and their mentors in California and Western Nevada through free fly fishing and outdoor experiences. Through our program, clients build mentoring relationships, fly fishing skills, outdoor knowledge, sustainable practices, and personal values. Cast Hope's gift of the outdoors empowers each mentoring pair to grow closer as they participate in healthy hobbies together.



  • Relationship: Cast Hope kids grow closer to their own mentors, who are consistent, positive role models in their lives. They also enjoy getting to know Cast Hope guides and other Cast Hope clients.

  • Skills: Fly fishing techniques, fly tying, sustainable fishing methods, fish handling, camping proficiency

  • Knowledge: Entomology, river ecology, fish biology, sustainable environmental practices

  • Values: Patience, persistence, confidence, decision-making, courtesy and etiquette, conservation



  • Give kids and their mentors fun, free outdoor experiences

  • Teach the basic techniques of fly fishing

  • Empower our clients to fish effectively and independently, making fly fishing their own sport

  • Provide the necessary gear (rods, reels, lines, flies, etc.)

  • Foster an awareness of and appreciation for the natural environment

  • Teach sustainbale practices that will care for our local environment

  • Create situations where kids and mentors can connect, building a deeper relationship, fun memories, and a shared hobby

  • Partner with local non-profit youth organizations, supporting their mission to positively impact underserved youth

  • Enable people to positively impact the community by sharing their unique gifts and talents

  • Reaching out to others through giving, encouraging, teaching, listening, caring, and having fun

  • Expanding Cast Hope to serve at-risk kids in more cities throughout the Western United States