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This is one of California’s classic freestones. With a few exceptions, most guide trips originate from the town of Truckee and head down stream to the Nevada state line. This stretch is filed with every type of water imaginable, runs, riffles, plunge pools, boulders and everything else you can imagine in a bigger river. Time of year generally dictates the type of fishing we do on the Truckee, but we almost always use 5 and 6 wts, and the occasional 7 when throwing big streams or indicator rigs. The most popular way to fish the Truckee are with an indicator rig, with a big attractor and a dropper. During certain times of the year the hatches can be amazing, and dry fly fishing is off the carts.



This is our local tailwater and a true gem of the Sierra. With that said the LT at times fishes more like a spring creek than a tailwater. Most often, small flies and light tippet are a must. The Little Truckee flows can range anywhere from 40-250cfs. on average…in the spring it can push close to 1,000 with a huge snow pack. With smaller flows than its big brother, there is always an opportunity to sight fish the LT if conditions are in your favor. Most of the time on the LT we’re using 4 and 5 wt rods and the occasional 6. This is a river where bringing your A-Game is must…a stealthy approach, fighting big fish on small flies, and light tippets are the norm.