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The Lower Sac is California's best trout fishery. The cold consistent flows out of Lake Shasta create an ideal habitat for rainbow trout and steelhead to grow big and strong. Our guides use drift boats to access the riffles and runs between Redding and Red Bluff. With over 40 floatable miles, this tailwater is fishable almost every day of the year.

The spring is a beautiful time of year with 70-degree weather and big, consistent hatches of caddis. During this period we often see our highest catch rates as the trout feed heavily on caddis pupae.

The summer time brings in hot weather (often over 100 degrees), but the cold, clear water keeps the angler cool and the trout feeding. Summer is often the best time to get these feisty rainbows on caddis dries in the evening.

As summer comes to an end and fall sets in, the weather cools, and the first salmon of the year start to migrate into the river to spawn. As the salmon start to spawn, all of the trout in the river take notice. The trout move into the riffles to gorge themselves on eggs. This is by far the most popular time of the year as anglers from all over the country try to get in on the Egg Bite.

The fall is also the time of year we chase big steelhead down into the lower stretches of the river. When hooked, these steelhead consistently take clients into their backing several times in a single fight.

As winter takes over California, the river sees the last run of salmon and consistent hatches of mayflies. This is often when we catch our largest rainbow trout. Low flows on the river and a mixture of eggs and mayflies commonly fool large trout in the 20-25 inch range.

As you can see, the Lower Sac is truly a special place all year long. If you call yourself a fly fisher and have never experienced this fishery, you definitely need to experience this premier fly fishing destination.