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The American is one of Northern California's most diverse fisheries right in the middle of a bustling town. The American hosts great populations of winter and spring steelhead, shad, and striper populations. Literally those that live in Sacrament can walk out their door almost any day of the year and fish for some something awesome.

Steelhead fishing here peaks around mid-December and stays consistent through April. The winter fish are the big boys of the river and usually average 6-8lbs while big fish are 10+lbs. Even though most don't catch lots of winter steelhead they are a fun game fish to chase after. In the spring time the kids will enjoy fishing for the smaller spring steelhead. These fish frequent the American River in March and April and make for great fishing with some of the hottest fish in the valley. After the steelhead leave then the famous shad run enters the river for the month of June. The shad fishing on the American can be nonstop and a great fish to get kids into fly fishing. Chasing the shad are the migratory stripped bass. Stripers are in the river most of the summer with the best fishing coming in July and August.