Summer 2016 - All 4 kids completed the Challenge for the third year in a row. 

A handful of hand selected Cast Hope kids will be picked each year to try and complete California’s Heritage Trout Challenge. California has 11 native wild trout species that call our state home. To complete the challenge each person has to catch 6 of 11 species in their native waters. Cast Hope guides will take a small group of kids on three trips in efforts to complete the challenge. We have now had eight kids complete the HTC over the past two years. To participate in Cast Hope’s HTC program there has to be a commitment by each kid and parent to attend all three events. All necessary and pertinent information is below.

• To educate kids about California’s wild trout populations
• To educate kids about trout and wildlife ecology
• To continue kids knowledge of fly fishing
• To expand kids local knowledge about the state of California

Michael Woodward